Of Mice and Men

I really hate that guy. I hate him with everything I got. You know, the asswipe that designed how modern vehicle interiors are put together. I’m sure it’s a guy. No women would make this shit so complicated on purpose. Way too many bolts and screws of all different sizes, metric and imperial. And Torx. Torx? And plastic tabs that insert once to never be removed again without breaking. You fucking asshole.

It’s funny how a person’s goals change. Today I just simply wanted to find out how mice were getting into my truck (yay, rural living), find the nest and clean things up. After building a big pile of plastic pieces of dash and console, some of it now damaged, I have a new goal.

I want to find the guy who designs truck interiors. Then I want to saw open his ball sack open with a rusty old butter knife and fill his pouch with vinegar. Once he has become accustomed to that level of pain I want to force him to eat his own marinated nuts along with the god damned mouse nest. That is if I can ever find the fucking thing.


3 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men”

  1. Try and change the diesel filter on a ford 2001 ES 350 Van . . . I dare you. They put a thousand pounds of engine in a 500 pound box.

    There is a special hell . . .

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