I hate going to the city but sometimes there is just no choice. Sure I can get almost anything online these days, but not everything. Sometimes I just gotta go. On this last trip there was a story on the local radio station that reminded me of how stupid people really are. An award was presented to a dog for being a hero. Apparently it stood there looking at and barking at someone who was in distress. I seriously don’t think that or any dog does anything heroic. It was a fluke. Dogs gonna do what dogs do. That’s all. Don’t believe me? Try a little experiment at home yourself. With a dog nearby, cut your hand off with a circular saw. Then see what transpires. Will the dog go get help? Will it sacrifice itself in some way to help you? I’ll bet you a cup of coffee it grabs your severed hand and wanders off, away from your screaming, to eat in peace.

I’ll take that with a little cream and sugar please.

5 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. I have two dogs, both love me very much I’m sure. I’m also sure they would be fighting over who gets the hand and who licks the stump.

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