Freezer to Fridge Update

I was asked by a reader if the numbers I put on my last post were correct. I made the error of relying on my memory instead of referring to notes taken at the time or taking current measurements. If I’m not certain of the claims I make, then I aint got no bidness making ’em. Things have changed a lot since I recorded any previous numbers. The fridge is now in an earthbag home instead of the old stick house. I’m also generating my new numbers using a new temperature controller and the temperature is set to 2C instead of 4C. I have set my temp differential to 3.5C meaning the fridge wont turn on until the temp reaches 5.5C before it cools things to 2C again.

My freedger (not bad eh?) is a Danby Premium 7 cubic foot I picked up at a big box store. It had a minor dent in the lid and was on sale for $225. I offered the manager $150 and he offered to help me get it in the truck. So here’s the numbers as measured over the last 24 hour period:

Total power used – 0.21 kWh

Total run time – 1 hour, 56 minutes

Running watts – 150 on startup and then settling down to about 105

Running amps – 0.98 to 1

(Note: My meter did show max amps at 4.75 and max watts at 552 but I watched the thing when it kicked in a few times and never saw it hit those levels.)

Now I am running the numbers for my chest freezer. I’m pretty sure I will be disappointed. I got the unit from a friend who just wanted to get rid of it. Because I’m generating my own power, it may just turn out that I can’t afford free. (Too bad he didn’t have a Sundanzer he couldn’t stand the sight of.) We’ll see how the freezer situation shakes out.