Coffee – Just gotta have it

We’ve been off-grid for about a month now. Although we expected some lifestyle changes would be in order it’s entirely a different thing to live through than theorize about. Coffee is a must around here. I’ll chew the beans and pour scalding water in my mouth if I have to. But that’s kind of a last resort. On one of the first days of our off-grid adventure I tried to use our drip coffee maker. Amazing how much power that thing pulls. It tripped the low voltage disconnect on the inverter. No coffee and suddenly no lights either. So the faithful old coffee pot is now retired. To the rescue, a small stovetop espresso maker.


This thing is awesome. It only makes one cup at a time but the coffee is excellent. When the woodstove is up to temperature, a cup of coffee takes less than two minutes to prepare. We bought two of them for $12 each. About the cost of a cheap electric coffee machine that takes as much power as we would use for all our computer setups in a full day. You can’t swing a dead cat in here without hitting several computers. (Or a dead baby seal, or a dead bunny, you get the idea…)