My wife has worms!

Well, actually I think they are mine, but we have agreed to share. We recently acquired some composting worms from some friends, and then bought some more. Apparently the castings (what the worms call their shit) from these little critters makes the best soil on the planet. It can also be made into compost ‘tea’ by mixing it with water. So far, this years seedlings seem to be loving it.

The worms live in a plastic tote. We put in a bedding layer of shredded newspaper, some food for them and that’s all it takes. Soil starts ‘happening’. For food they eat whatever fruit and vegetable scraps we have. And we have a lot. This year we bought a juicing machine so there is a lot of pulp created for every glass of juice. By the way, juicing is excellent. I am still amazed at some of the great tasting concoctions we come up with.

The worms need air, so I drilled some holes in the plastic totes and then covered them with some metal window screen. Instead of gluing them in place, I heated the plastic with a butane soldering iron and then pushed the screen right into the plastic.

These worms have five hearts and one ass. This is what comes out.
drilled with 1″ hole saw


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