Our future is at the Dump

I still can’t believe the things people just throw out around here. A while back during one of my scavenging trips to the transfer station (collection point for the dump) I found a perfectly good large monkey wrench. I later saw the same one in a hardware store for $90. A week before I picked up an almost new compound miter saw at the same place. Last week I scored 50 2×4’s during someones home renovations. At the same place I was able to get 6 new 1/2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood. All this was headed for the dump. At least $250 worth of good wood that I got for free. My current project list includes a new dog house and chicken coop so these materials will go to good use. If they had made it to the dump they would be added to a huge pile until there is enough to set it on fire. Crazy.

On a rocket stove forum I follow, one person said that where they live they can’t even find an old oil drum to build their stove. They are from a part of the world where everything gets used and reused till there is nothing left. It could easily end up that way here if people continue with their current practices.

What a shame really that so many valuable resources are just discarded, to be crushed, burned or buried. People in this society pretty much accept they will get a new cell phone every year, and a new car every five years or so. Toilets are flushed with drinking water. People are paying for bottled water that is filled with the same water that comes from the tap for free. Recently I attended a seminar on harvesting rainwater. It was disappointing. The jist of it was – don’t do it – your not allowed except for underground irrigation. That’s just complete bullshit. I’ve been drinking nothing but rainwater for over two years now (filtered through a berkey). I know there are people who have broken away from corporate control and the resulting mindset that goes with it, but not nearly enough. Walk around any city and ask yourself, what would your great grandparents have to say about what they see?

I think future generations may just be a little embarrassed, knowing that they came from a long line of complete retards.


5 thoughts on “Our future is at the Dump”

  1. nice blog entry…….. have seen lots of stuff still usable/fixable just discarded over the years

    and had seen people go nuts when offered tap water versus a bottle

    when it all goes to hell, be a lot of instant zombies wandering the neighborhoods

  2. I agree totally. I just had a problem with a tankless water heater. The frost protection didn’t work right and a small plastic elbow split at a seam and a slow drip comes out. The manufacturer (rheem) said to take to home depot and exchange for a new one because the elbow can’t be replaced. Then I found out that Home depot will throw it out after because its too expensive to return Rheem! Such a waste.

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