Bring the Spring!

Still plenty of snow here at the domestead, but I’m starting to feel the warmth in the sun’s rays. Soon though, the trees will be budding and the gophers will be humping. And as usual, we have a long list of projects we are anxious to get to as soon as the weather allows. There’s the berming of the earthbag house, a new dog house, a chicken coop, gardening and hoop houses and many more. pv_mountOne project I’m excited about is mounting our solar panels.I’ve finally decided on what kind of mount to get and it should be ready for delivery in a couple weeks. It’s being built by my solar supplier. I chose his setup because he really overbuilds things. Quite a plus since we both live in very high wind areas.

In the last three years, my wife and I have shoveled countless tons ( I estimate at least 500 tons) of dirt, clay, sand and gravel by hand. We both agree we now have enough experience shoveling and that nothing good can come of shoveling another 500 tons. So…. a very welcome addition to the domestead is….

We go pick it up this weekend. We were supposed to get it last week, but were snowed in and could not get off the property. I figure more more dirt can be moved in less time than if I had 50 wives with shovels. (It’s a good thing my wife and I get along so well since even one wife with a shovel can be extremely dangerous.)


4 thoughts on “Bring the Spring!”

  1. I keep complaining to my lovely wife that I don’t own even one tractor. It’s a disgrace, really. Good thing I’ve got friends with tractors. Nothing like shoveling by hand to really appreciate machinery.

    1. We are pretty excited to get the tractor! It will free up so much time to work on other projects. Of course if we had a sailboat, our project list would just be left behind 😉

  2. I’ve been final-grading around the house by wheelbarrow for a few months, mostly for the exercise value. I’d love to have that tractor! It’s a guy thing. Someday, too, solar panels and a wind generator.


    1. Hi Dave,
      We’re pretty pumped about the tractor. As soon as these 4′ snow drifts melt we will start berming the earthbag house. Congratulations on getting to the stage of final grading!

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