Tongue in Groove

I really like the look of tongue in groove ceilings in rustic homes. So I priced it out and realized it would be way outside my budget. I really dislike gyproc ceilings for all kinds of reasons, so what were we to do? One thing I thought of was using click lock laminate flooring and have even seen people online who have done just that. But it wouldn’t be the way to go for us. Cost, weight,  and difficulty of installing all made me look for another solution. So we came up with one that seems like it will work great for us. We used 3/8 plywood sheets, cut them into strips and stained them. Then they were put up using brad nails with my manual staple gun.

Speaking of ‘tongue in groove’ I’m so glad we are almost at the end of the American election season. It will be nice when the politicians just get back to ignoring the public and stealing from them.


5 thoughts on “Tongue in Groove”

  1. Clever. I was looking for tongue and grove for the inside of my dome. They had ship lap for 1/2 the price. Looked the same when installed. It was actually easier to work with. The price difference was a fluke that soon changed, but I’d purchased enough when the price was right.

  2. The other day I was dumpster diving behind the local flooring place and they where throwing out a ton of new hardwood laminate and cork flooring and slate tile… So sad… I could only save so much.

  3. I am really thrilled about the outcome and what the two of you have accomplished. If I may ask, who much money have you put into the project to date. I am seriously thinking of buying land in New Mexico and doing the same thing.

    1. We bought 3000 bags for $600. Clay is free from our property. We spent 300 for a mixer. I hesitate to give a total price because everyone’s situation is so different. And I’m a crappy accountant. I will say that almost everything can be had for free or very cheap if you are willing to scavenge, barter or make it yourself. We had microbreweries willing to give us plenty of bags for free but the cost of several trips to the city to pick them up just didn’t work for us.

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