Earthbag home photos

View from the front. The rock retaining wall for a garden along the front is our project this weekend. It runs the length of the house and will be about 2.5 feet tall.Image

Picture of the back, which faces north. This will be bermed quite deep with only the windows of the office space peeking out.


The other night was a lot of fun. We fired up the mass heater and listened to music and danced. The acoustics in the round room are amazing. Our couch not only provided a toasty place to sit, but made our tea for us too. We’re looking forward to cooking all kinds of things on it.



And for the bulk of the cooking and additional warmth in the kitchen, there is this wood cookstove.


Having water is kind of important. Our inside tank now has almost 6000 litres of harvested rainwater stored for the winter.




15 thoughts on “Earthbag home photos”

    1. Sixbears,
      It will be even more organic looking next year when we get the final lime plaster on with some tint in it. Right now everything is pretty stark white. Yes, that’s an Amish made stove. It is the Pioneer Princess.

  1. You did good. It’s a beautiful, and thoughtful, home. Looking at that gorgeous stove makes me wanna throw rocks at mine. Yes, more posting, please.


    1. Thanks Dave,
      I think we’re really going t like the Pioneer Princess. I had originally bought an old cookstove but it turned out to be crap. In our climate a good cookstove is essential for survival. The rocket stove is already proving itself to be quite valuable.

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