Earthbags done!

A little while back the Prime Minister of Canada finalized an agreement with the State of Michigan to build a brand spanking new bridge. Yeah, so what? Deals like this go on all the time between our two countries. Well not quite like this one. Our goofy Prime Minister has insisted on paying for the whole thing! What a generous man he is. He still hasn’t figured out how or when to use his ridiculous fake smile. I understand that next week Harper will be making an announcement offering a pony to every American who wants one.

Perhaps a good opportunity to use that fake smile would have been to show up at the UN and listen to the speech from Iran’s leader. I watched it on the Web, so I guess if Mr. Lizard Smile wants to know what’s happening with Iran he’ll have to give me a call.

In other news, Mrs. Mud and I have laid our last earth bag! 2700 bags and hundreds of tons of clay, gravel and sand and we are finally done. It’s been a very rewarding project. There are still lots of little things to do but now it looks and feels like a home instead of a construction site. I have learned so much during the whole process. The most important thing is that anyone can build a safe, affordable house with very few tools and no special skills.

5 thoughts on “Earthbags done!”

  1. Looking forward to my new pony. Dang, you guys really are nice neighbors. 🙂

    Congratulations on that last bag, and your new home. i’m sure we’d all love to see some new photos.

    All the best!

  2. Hey everyone,
    Thanks for the comments. I will get to posting some pics soon. As for the ponies, I’ve got bad news for everybody. It seems they have all gone missing during the most recent tainted meat fiasco at one of Canada’s largest meat packing plants.

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