Earthbags and a fire breathing couch

Laying earthbags for the final room on our house is well under way. So far the wall is about 6.5 ft tall. Still a ways to go though. This final room will be almost 20 feet tall.
Actually there will be one more very small room attached as well to hold firewood for the winter and will have a back door to the outside. Looks like it is going to rain all weekend so work will shift to the inside. Plenty to do in there before we are able to move in.


The picture is of the north side of the house. There are no windows because this side will be bermed with earth to further protect us from the harsh north winds we get in winter.


This is is the rocket-mass-heater (fire-breathing-couch) as it is right now. I still need to add about 3-4 inches of more cob to it and then a final lime finish plaster. So far, I am very pleased with how it functions. It roars with that awesome rocket sound and there is no smoke or smell coming into the room.


4 thoughts on “Earthbags and a fire breathing couch”

  1. Nice rocketstove. I see you have at least 3 ways where you can clean it(I guess). A post about the stove itself would be cool and the way you have thought about maintenance/cleaning. Maintenance and cleaning have always been the lacking part of rocketstove articles.

  2. Sweet! Looking good. love that rocket roar. A more detailed post about the stove would be cool. You are building a really interesting place there. All the best.

  3. Robin,
    There are actually four clean outs. One is at the bottom of the vertical stack facing away from the picture. This one would also allow me to insert a bit of burning paper to get the draft started on extremely cold days. Not sure if I will need to do this or not until next winter. As for maintanance there really isn’t much required, just cleaning out the ashes. So far, I have just scooped it out by sticking my arm and a little homemade shovel in the feed tube. Haven’t yet seen any buildup in the ductwork but plan the clean that out with a standard chimney brush.

    Thanks. We’re having a lot of fun building this place and are learning so many things. More detailed posts about all aspects of the rocket build are yet to come.

    I have a short video of the stove doing it’s rocket thing, but the sound turned out crappy since it was shot with my cell phone. I may post it anyway…

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